How Top Employers Are Using Healthy Office Snacks Delivery to Tackle Employee Stress

healthy office snack delivery

This fall, a new trend has infiltrated top employers around the country: healthy snacks delivery and other office perks are reducing stress levels while promoting health and wellness office-wide.

Companies, start-ups, and corporate powerhouses alike, recognizing how wellness perks encourage a healthier lifestyle, a happier staff, and a more conducive workplace, have begun to embrace wellness promotion by incorporating innovative, fun, and convenient health-focused office perks that run the gamut and include yoga, in-office massages, healthy snacks delivery, and expenses-paid gym memberships. While exercise and physical activity are sure ways to reduce employees’ office-related stress levels, nutrition, specifically what employees snack on between meals, is proving to be just as important.

In today’s quick-paced work environments, employees are given the task of not only finding the time to eat, but finding healthy foods to eat, and this challenge can add unnecessary stress to the workday. Nutritional perks are therefore a welcome addition to employees’ benefits packages. Practice Fusion, a technology startup based in San Francisco, understands the importance of lunchtime as a time to refuel rather than stress and offers healthy catered meals to its employees. While not all companies can provide catered meals, Practice Fusion, again, offers an imitable solution to other companies striving to provide nutritional perks: a fully-stocked kitchen with organic produce and healthy snack choices, for refueling purposes outside the allotted lunch hour.

Diana Sugiuchi, a dietician and founder of Nourish, a nutrition counseling company that specializes in corporate wellness programs, agrees that snacking is a crucial daily activity. As part of her program series, Sugiuchi provides cooking demonstrations to companies and their employees to encourage healthier eating habits.

“The number one complaint I receive from individuals is that there is simply not enough time to do that [cook or pack a lunch],” she says. Oftentimes, these individuals are the same that avoid unhealthy take-out lunches and, as a result, wait until they arrive home to eat. In these instances, snacking is relied upon as the sole means of refueling during the day.

“There are many healthy [snack] foods out there that are easily accessible and good for you. So long as the snack has protein or complex carbs, it is great fuel for the workday.” She adds that oftentimes when she suggests yogurt with frozen fruit, nuts, and honey as a quick, no preparation-needed healthy breakfast, her clients chuckle, realizing how simple it can be.

And it really is that simple.

Thanks to increasing activism for national health and wellness reform, the food industry, including the once notorious unhealthy snack industry, has changed drastically. There are many companies on the market that provide organic and non-GMO products made from wholesome ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts, many of which possess additional health-based benefits such as reducing stress.

Take a peek at these five delicious products and see how you can literally take the stress out of your workday:

1. Stretch Island Fruit Leather

Including natural fruit ingredients such as berries which contain anthocyanin for sharper cognition and oranges which contain vitamin c, combative in fighting stress, Stretch Island Fruit Leather is an ideal pick-me-up snack.

2. Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt

The delicious dark chocolate in this Kind Bar helps lower blood pressure, resulting in a calmer (and might we add immensely satisfied!) individual.

 3. Barbara’s Bakery Snackimals

barbaras product image

Feel great while indulging in wholesome oatmeal snackimals cookies, literally! Full of serotoin, a feel-good chemical, you’ll have plenty about which to smile all afternoon long.

4. Good Health Avocado Oil Chips


Containing avocado oil, Good Health Avocado Chips are high in folate, which is essential for keeping your cool. With a touch of chilean lime, these chips will add a little pep to your workday.

5. Sahale Snacks Cashews w/ Pomegranate and Vanilla


Loaded with zinc, cashews help battle anxiety and depression while fending off mid-day cravings.

We’d love for you to sound off in the comments: Learning more about office perks such as healthy snacks delivery and its benefits to employees’ wellness, how do you plan to pursue and promote a healthier work life? Knowing that certain foods target stress reduction, will you be more conscious of the snacks you consume?